Student Chapter Theme

Concrete is one of the most used structural materials for construction. Its only competitor is steel which is generally manufactured under controlled conditions. Conditions of concrete manufacture or construction, on the other hand, are generally not much controlled, bringing in requirements of substantially high proficiency in construction professionals. In addition, the concrete construction is an ever growing sub-sector of construction industry where developments on newer materials, required performances, processes, plants, and construction techniques, testing and quality control requirements are happening by each passing day. Obsolescence of the traditional knowledgebase in the sector is quite high. Need of the sector, therefore, is the supply of up to date information and knowledgebase to the practitioners, researchers, and students by information sharing through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions where practitioners could share their information and the inferences thereof. Engineering professional institutes are the source of future construction professionals and intent of this initiative is to encourage learners to initiate actions in this sector. It is expected that enlisted construction engineering students would be able to inculcate basic, as well as advanced proficiencies, aimed at delivering the most optimum solution to concrete construction challenges.

Asian Concrete Construction Institute shall establish ACCI Student Chapters at engineering colleges, polytechnics, and related educational institutions to foster excellence in the use of concrete in Asia. These chapters shall provide a platform to engineering students to cultivate appropriate proficiencies in the field of concrete construction.

Aims of the Student Chapter are to provide platform to students for cultivating appropriate proficiencies in the field of concrete construction and to have access to the information about advances in concrete technology.

Student Chapter shall fulfill its mission by way of the following:

  • Interchange of information among the apex organization, national organization, affiliated adhering national organizations of ACCI in other Asian nations.
  • Holding Executive, Public or other meetings at intervals.
  • Organizing and coordinating studies and experiments.
  • Publication of proceedings, reports, and documents.