The Asian Concrete Construction Institute was registered in Singapore as a not-for-profit organisation in May 2004. presently, China, including Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Thailand are represented in the Institute.

Unlike developed regions such as Europe and the United States of America, Asia lags far behind in the development of institutions to foster the development of the industry. Many Asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore lack the critical mass to move the industry from the traditional skill-based industry to a knowledge-based industry. By pooling resources with our regional neighbours who share many cultural and environmental similarities, smaller countries can catch up with the advances of the industry. Larger Asian countries, like China and India, similarly see the benefit of joining the Institute to network with the region. Together, the Asian industry can gain from these collaborations, which can lead to the reduction of trade and tariff barriers, free movement of professionals and technical operatives, and sharing of research, design, and maintenance of concrete structures.